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Ecstacy is featured in the 2011 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition for her high score on "Through The Fire And Flames" in GH3!

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News: EG’s Pre QuakeCon Interview

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img_5119egTeam Evil Geniuses chats with Ecstacy about her upcoming trip to Dallas, Texas next week to attend QuakeCon 2009. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

myEGnet: You’ve said that you have been playing a lot of UT2K4, Quake and UT3 in preparation for QuakeCon. Is it hard for you to switch over from Guitar Hero to shooters? Or do you play them on a regular basis?

EG.Ecstacy: Well in actuality, I switched from shooters to Guitar Hero. I have played the UT series many years before I ever touched Guitar Hero. It isn’t hard for me to play both at the same time since they’re such different games especially now that I have reached a top level in both genres. In fact, I think it is actually harder to switch from UT2k4 to UT3. Although they’re the same franchise, the physics, engine, and feel of the game is entirely different. It doesn’t help either when I have to switch to a game I hate playing.”

myEGnet: Now, along with you, the National Final sees the following players – mrpulsar1, ParadiseLost421, WuTugu, Acai28, f4phantom2500, smokyprogg, witwix, wulfe, paradigmshift, and dreminem – competing to represent the US at China. How is the competition looking for you at the moment?

EG.Ecstacy: The competition is very stiff and the skill level is extremely high. This year’s national finals will be much much harder than last year. Everyone that has qualified is all the top players in the community. It could be anyone’s game to be honest especially with Guitar Hero where you can’t directly affect your opponent. I think it will all come down to how well a player can perform under stress and handling their nerves. I believe I have the ability and experience to beat any of these players. I have done so before online and in previous tournaments. My chance of winning is just the same as everyone.”

For the rest of the interview, go to http://myeg.net/article/article_detail.php?article_id=280

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cool interview!

nice jacket :]


Enjoyed the interview Annie.

Oh… luv the interview pic too! wink back at you… ;)

Just another fan from Hawaii… laters!


Didn’t you play UT3 for EG? how did they not know that?
UT>GH :3


^ Maybe they did know that? Maybe the question was interpreted in a different way? The question was suppose to be for QuakeCon in particular. The fact that she has mostly been playing Guitar Hero, since UT3’s downfall, and had to switch back to UT3 for the shootout at QuakeCon.

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