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Ecstacy is featured in the 2011 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition for her high score on "Through The Fire And Flames" in GH3!

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Pacific Citizen Interview

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Asian Pacific American newspaper, Pacific Citizen, interviews Ecstacy in depth about her Guitar Hero experiences.

P.C.: What made you want to set a world record?

Leung: I thought it was really cool and something that if I ever had that chance that I would jump on. When Guinness contacted me last fall I immediately said ‘yes’ and started practicing.

The first week I started practicing [laughs] I think seven to nine hours. I was so tired. My wrist was aching. But I got into the practice and started playing the song better and better. Eventually I set my score.

pacific citizen newspaper

Guinness World Record holder Annie "Ecstacy" Leung

P.C.: How does an everyday gamer transition to a pro ready for competitions?

Leung: Well, I would say if you’re playing on ‘expert’ and if you’re playing all the difficult songs and you’re hitting either 100 percent or 99 percent, then I would start thinking about going into competitions.

You can just search either on the web, or you could go to the Guitar Hero community forum to look up different tournaments or anything that’s going on in the area. Enter into that and see how you do.

P.C.: Do you ever get tired of gaming?

Leung: Oh, absolutely. Sometimes like before a competition I will practice two weeks or a few weeks in advance and just play every day for a couple of hours. After my competition, I’m so worn out I don’t touch the game for maybe a month or two months, unless there’s another event coming up.

I notice that when I do take a break and come back into the game I actually play better. I notice that I hit sections of a song that I could never do before. ”

Read full interview here.

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Guinness: Behind The Record Holders

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The full interview from Guinness World Records about Annie’s Guitar Hero 3 record is now available on their gaming news section. Here are some highlights:

GWR: Which do you prefer the competition side of gaming or the performance aspect? Or do you like both?

AL: I love doing both sides. I love the competitions because it really solidifies my position in the community in my rankings. But I love the performance because I can dress up and have fun and just interact with my fans and be more relaxed around them.

GWR:  So when did you realise that you were good enough to compete professionally, and what made you decide to go for the record?

AL: I think actually in the first year of playing I started getting really high scores on songs that I never thought I could. I started comparing my scores to all the top players in the community. When I saw that I was beating their scores I started entering into competitions like World Cyber Games and that’s when I first won my first tournament. So my first year.

Read full interview here.

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Ecstacy on Destructoid Chill Bros Show

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Last week Ecstacy stopped by the Destructoid Chill Bros Live show to chat with viewers and play some Guitar Hero with hosts Carnage and Pico. Find out more about Ecstacy in her Q&A session and see her guitar smashing skills!

ecstacy annie leung carnage destructoid guitar hero

pico carnage ecstacy annie leung destructoid

Watch the show here:

Part 1

Part 2


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CNN Tech Features Guinness Records

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Guinness World Record Guitar Hero Annie Leung EcstacyCNN interviewed Ecstacy on why she chose Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” and what the Guinness World record really means to her:

“Sometimes, records fall from sheer determination to prove someone else wrong. Not wanting to be outdone by her male counterparts, Annie Leung of San Francisco decided to rock out harder on “Guitar Hero 3″ than anyone else.

‘I chose ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ because it is one of the most difficult and lengthy songs of the ‘Guitar Hero’ games,” Leung said. “Not only would it be difficult for others to beat but it would also showcase my skills.’

Leung honed those skills for three years, playing in tournaments and practicing for hours. She said that when she decided to attempt the record, she hadn’t played that song in more than two years.

‘I remember spending seven to nine hours the first week getting back into the game and also having very sore wrists and fingers,’ she said. ‘After that, I practiced less, about three or four hours a couple times a week. It took me about two months to set my current record.’

‘This record is like the icing on my cake of accomplishments. It solidifies my skills and status as the best female ‘Guitar Hero’ player in the world.’”

Read the full article here.

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Los Angeles ABC7 News Interviews Annie

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Local LA ABC7 News reporter Indra Peterson does a story on Ecstacy’s background as a gamer and her recent Guinness World Record achievement. Take a look:

“It all somewhat happened by accident. Leung started out playing first-person shooter games, but realized she could excel more on Guitar Hero.
‘I decided to play Guitar Hero just for fun, you know, and then it became my actual main game,’ said Leung. ‘When I actually played it for the first time, it was really difficult, but I think because of my background in piano, I picked up the game really quickly. Within my first year, I was competing.’ ”

Read the article here:

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