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Ecstacy is featured in the 2011 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition for her high score on "Through The Fire And Flames" in GH3!

Featured: Ecstacy On G4 Attack of the Show

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G8 Brand Photoshoot

View photos of Ecstacy modeling new G8 women's tees and tanks! Also featured are the stunning ArtGuitar Riffmasters.

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Kingston VMWorld Guitar Hero Challenge

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Ecstacy returns home undefeated again at her latest Guitar Hero challenge with Kingston Technologies. Her third consecutive year rocking out at VMWorld has brought fans and attendees coming back for more. With Kingston USB flash drives and SSDs prizes at stake, challengers lined up to play against Ecstacy. Although no one was able to beat her score, prizes were still given out to the best players of the show. Check out these new pics from the event:


Ecstacy VMWorld2011


View the full gallery here

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New Event: VMWorld 2011 In Las Vegas

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Kingston Technology features Ecstacy at their VMWorld 2011 booth. The conference will be held inside The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas from Aug 29th-Sept 1st. This is the third year Ecstacy will be performing and accepting challenges from attendees. For more information about VMWorld visit http://www.vmworld.com.

Check out these galleries from previous years:

VMworld 2009

27 Photos



11 Photos


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C3: The Conference for Creative Content taking place at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 1st will be holding a discussion on the topic of ‘How to Brand Your Online Persona‘. As a featured panelist, Ecstacy will be speaking about her experiences in gaming and her rise to popularity.

“Online personalities and talent have been paving the way for Asian American talent. With new media platforms like Youtube empowering actors, gurus, writers, and musicians to create and extend their own fifteen minutes of fame, it’s more possible than ever to turn yourself into a household name. But what type of talent does it take to become the new buzz around the watercooler? How does one sustain his or her marketability and even begin to cross-over to even bigger audiences? These new media talent discuss the avenues and paths they have taken to become recognized online faces and names, and how they are taking that visibility to the next level.

With panelists

Chester See (musician)

Clara Chung (musician)

Annie Leung (Guitar Hero worldchampion)

Ellwyn Kauffman (Writer/Creator ‘Hollywood Wasteland’)

Moderated by Sarah Evershed (Founder The Cloud Media Inc.)”

Stay tuned for video coverage!

Photos courtesy of Tommy Su of SnapItStudio/8Asians.com

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Ecstacy In UK Official Playstation Mag

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Photos courtesy of Lawrence Phillips

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annie leung guitar hero 3 guinness world recordEcstacy’s Guitar Hero 3 Guinness World Record video was watched and discussed on The Adam Carolla podcast last Thursday. Their verdict: “I don’t think you can actually blink and do this correctly… this is really impressive.”

Listen in:

Download the full podcast here.
Watch Ecstacy’s Guinness World Record setting video.

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